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papular Antique furniture

Antique furniture is furniture popular among upper-classes of the society. It is posh, vintage, old and incredibly expensive.

Adorable antique things

Generally speaking, a term antique furniture can be applied to collectible interior furnishings of a significant age; namely: age, appearing, designer makes this furniture so popular and attractive to customers. As a rule, this fine furniture was made many years ago, namely its production can be divided into the following periods: (but before reading this information, you need to know, that each period was overlapped with another and so on. So, sometimes we can deal with a creative mixture. Because, no doubts, it is impossible to start making a table on the 31st of December 1859 and to wake up on the 1st of January 1860 and continue making it in a completely new period ).

The Lilly Belle railroad carriage with antique furniture

Colonial period (divided into 3 sub periods: colonial, Queen Anne, Chippendale) and Federal period (hepplewhite, Sheraton and Classical).

So, a lot can be told about the antique furniture, but you better decide for yourself whether your are ready to spend money, time and efforts on it restoration, so, please read carefully the following abstract.

Antique booth interior

Before launching a restoration process, find out the origin of your piece of furniture, assess the quality and state of your table or stool etc., and if it very valuable - forget about your own restoration, you will only spoil the original appearance of the item, only a professional can deal with it. Remember one very important issue, a thing may look dirty, but may be namely this dirtiness gave it a special, unsurpassed look of something old and fashionable. Don’t spoil everything! And now, let’s just stop talking and pay our attention to the following masterpieces:

Antique furniture exhibition

old Antique furniture

Be in love with antique furniture

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