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High Quality Italian Wall Tile picture

fresh ceramic wall tile

Ceramic wall tile that high quality and high taste of art from Italy was releave. These contemporary diamond-cut wall tiles come in a modern horizontal subway style measuring 15 x 56 cm, and feature a chic satin finish atop a range of cool colors to bring a fresh face to your space. Italian great company Fap Ceramiche revealed its latest collection of modern wall tile for the kitchen and bathroom.

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Ultra Modern Bathroom Designs that trend on 2010

ultra modern bathroom 2010

Ultra modern bathroom design is a condition that simply and artistic house design and trend on 2010. This furniture fits to any ultra modern bathroom. It is a quite elegant and modern at the same time. Although it isn’t too minimalist or futuristic and could be perfectly adaptable to usual apartments too. There are furniture solutions as for big bathroom as for small ones available. The furniture a little changes its style depends of chosen color. For example in contrasting black and white color scheme it looks quite sober and refine. From the other side a combination of white top and wood cabinets could create a light and warm atmosphere. Besides a lot of bright bathroom cabinets could be perfectly added your bathroom to make it more cool and fresh. Almost everyone could find model, which will be right for his own taste and style.

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Over bright concept on minimalist home design

open space green energy living room ideas

Over light and open light on minimalist home design make a home very bright and efficient electricity consumption. Making wide glasses on every part of home, and wide open ceiling can support it. Living room on bright at soon, simply bedroom, modern bathroom, clean kitchen look healthy and fresh.

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Artistic natural home design

nature home with swimming pool

A familiar home environment filled with trees and large yard and pond in front of the house. Here is A serene and soothing mid-century contemporary Sandler House which was design by Buff & Hensman architects in 3012 Roscomare Rd Bel Air, California. Artistic Interior Design features 2-story good living room, open dining room / area, large media room, and private home library. A loft-like great bedroom and bathroom with skylight. Perfect for entertaining, include a swimmer’s pool, sun room terrace, patio, & completely private grounds. A pavilion-like expanse of greenery and trees are simply awesome to behold.

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Dental tales practice room

front office room

Dentist is a figure who everyone was fear. To minimize it, design the dental tales room can do it. Front office area, waiting room with the comfortable chairs, wall painting that familiar and popular, rack of magazine and newspaper, arrange the dentist practice, room lamps, and everything can the patient enjoy. The project begins to rethink the dental typology and creates a more playful and fresh environment that appeals to the imagination and the senses of both the parents and kids alike.

Parents and kids alike are always in fear of the dentist. Traditionally, most dental offices are cold, sterile spaces, maybe with walls painted yellow, crown molding and a small colorful space in the corner for the kids, in an attempt to create a ‘comforting and inviting’ space…..
At Tooth Tales, the Dental Space typology is redefined and breaks down these negative perceptions by creating a welcoming environment that appeals to the young patients and their parents. Upon entering the space you are greeted with a playful and fresh environment that appeals to the imagination and the senses. This picture can be find on plusmood site.

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Natural bathroom remodeling Japanese style

nature bathroom natural

Japanese-style natural bathroom provides the natural feel of fresh room and healthy bathroom. Bathup of ceramic combined with wood walls and lots of plants around bathup. Read more

Active teenager bedroom ideas by wasi

active teenager room inspiration

Adolescence or known is teens-time is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood. Teens room design specifically, to help him enjoy adolescence. Dominant bright color strip on the wall of the room, teens-bed, desk, book shelves neat, trendy fresh curtains, large windows, bright room lighting makes her home in the bedroom. Its from this site ideas. Read more

Simply artistic attic kids room

roof kids room

Kids room on the attic or top roof? Now, that is a possible thing. Window (s), fresh paint, funky table and chairs, simple divan, etc must be there. Don’t forget to put there more lamps for reading and posters from band or celebrity hat youg This attic roof kids room dominated by wooden materials. Comfortable and enjoy it. Read more

Classic familiar living room

classic familiar living room

Classic familiar living room makes the memories back to 1960’s. Classic wide windows, leather chairs with nature colors, hard metal table, table lamp, frames of pictures and black white photos, etc. are original atmosphere from earlier times when grandparents were young. These photos are created by Vincente Wolf in Viranda site. Read more

Luxury dream home

luxury home pictures

Dream luxury home is a home there are comfortable atmosphere, room layout appropriate, more fresh air curculation, luxury home interior, the right furniture choice, familiar living room, enough of ornamental plants, more light, etc. If you are interested, please visit

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