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Art Basin 'Cup' - Artistic Washbasin by Artceram


Bring some pizzazz to the bathroom with a chic, artistic washbasin by Artceram. The art basin Cup, designed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati, is indeed a unique basin design inspired by a simple coffee cup. But this sink is anything but simple. This modern one-piece, freestanding washbasin boasts a cup-shaped base that flutes out at the top, forming the rim. And the looping handle makes a great towel hanger. This contemporary fixture comes in all white, or with a black exterior that contrasts the white interior with dramatic flair. The sink’s deep bowl is functional while adding to the “cup” theme. Pair these washbasins with some cool wall-mounted hardware and a mirror, and your contemporary powder room or bathroom is complete. More information is available at Artceram.


Height Adjustable Sinks - pedal sink by Rapsel


Talk about custom comforts! The Allatezza height adjustable sinks by Italian company Rapsel let you bring the water to your level. This telescopically adjustable sink is a freestanding design that works well against a wall or front and center. A pneumatic pedal at the back lets you pump it up – or down – to be ergonomically correct. But in our opinion, the style factor is most definitely pumped up! We love the glossy black finish, which is pure elegance with a good dose of drama. Also available in polished stainless steel. The height is ranging from 57 to 85 cm. Pair these sinks with some cool, modern hardware. A sink for all heights to raise your bathroom to new heights – visit Rapsel.

Apron Front Bathroom Sink beautifies new modern bathroom collection by Idea


This apron-front bathroom sink by Idea Group beautifies the bathroom while complementing all the other elements. The white apron sink, characterized by its shallow depth, is tuxedo-chic against dramatic glossy-black cabinets; mod and marvelous with a vibrant color like deep red, electric blue or punchy orange; or go cool, calm and collected with the Zen-inspired look of natural wood. This versatile yet contemporary-style mineral marble sink melts into an integrated countertop. Underneath the colored cabinet doors you’ll find plenty of concealed storage, so all your essentials are tucked neatly away yet within easy reach. Check out the apron-front bathroom from Idea Group.




Washbasin Vanity Combo by Toscoquattro


Italy’s own Toscoquattro offers this cool washbasin-vanity combo that no modern bathroom is complete without. This contemporary two-in-one piece designed by A. Forte and C. Di Marzio is ideal for compact bathrooms, combining two essentials into one practical and style-savvy fixture. But regardless of your bathroom’s size, this combo unit boasts big style. The geometric yet gently rounded square base is but an empty frame, leaving an open interior to lighten the look. Add an optional compartment for convenient but out-of-the-way storage. Topping off this modern vanity is an integrated washbasin, complete with a raised shelf for your soaps, lotions and potions. A contemporary single-lever mixer and the luminous, LED-illuminated wall mirror round out your washing area. Place this freestanding fixture up against the wall or in the center of your bathroom; either way, it’s sure to take center stage. Check out this washbasin-vanity combo at Toscoquattro.


Versatile Bathroom Collection by Omvivo - New Neo


We love the new Neo, a versatile bathroom collection from Omvivo for the modern home. The company prides itself on a clean, contemporary aesthetic. “The intention was to create a bathroom range with uncomplicated and effortless style, with the needs and desires of today’s lifestyle strongly influencing the design,” according to Omvivo. And in keeping with modern must-haves, this versatile collection includes five basins and diverse configurations suited to any style, any space, from the small-but-sweet powder room to the sprawling spa-style en suite. And the versatility! The wall-mounted “floating” basin proves that less is more; while a basin with vanity, deep drawers and adjustable shelves has a place for everything and everything in its place. These solid acrylic sinks feature non-porous surfaces available in White, Mocha and Chamberry finish. For more information on Neo bathroom visit Omvivo.


Handmade Vessel Sinks by Sign


The handmade artisan style of this striking new vessel sink from Sign scores big points in the bathroom design and decor department. The Italian bath brand has reverted back to nature for this organically inspired bathroom vessel, which is traditional but would make a great addition to the modern, classic or contemporary spa-inspired space. We love the grey finish, featuring naturally occurring veins that bring a one-of-a-kind flair to each sink, which is also available in a white finish that’s neutral while maintaining a sense of excitement. This new vessel is all about shape – a smooth bowl with horizontal ridges that look like they’ve been hand-carved or spun on a potter’s wheel. Pair these sinks with ultra-modern faucets, and the look is complete. Check out these vessels by visiting Sign.

Eco-Friendly Washbasin by Phil Rose – Bu


Looking for something a little different in the way of bathroom washbasins? How about something a lot different? The Bu washbasin by Phil Rose is a modern, wall-mounted design, which plays on material opposites – earthy, eco-friendly, organic bamboo, versus ultra-modern high-gloss, ceramic-coated zinc die castings that offer the look of enameled cast iron. This contemporary combination of conflicts continues from the base of the washbasin and the tip of its faucet – a nice feature, given that washbasin designs typically end at the sink. Taking style and sustainability to new heights, the Bu bathroom washbasin makes our must-have list. For more

Cool Sink Design by Planit combines storage and washbasin


This washbasin from Planit is a really cool sink design that combines countertop, storage compartment and washbasin, all in one streamlined fixture. The Split sink boasts a minimalist look with its one-piece, integrated design and simple, square basin. Then, a hot flash of red catches your eye – the Cordura red handle that reveals a hidden storage space. Put away all your daily primp and prep essentials, out of sight yet easily accessible at a moment’s notice. Check out this modern bathroom must-have by visiting Italian bathroom brand, Planit.

Modern Wall Mount Sinks by Equa are awesome


This ultra modern wall mount sinks from Equa System are so sleek and smooth – it’s hard not to get hooked in these pill-shaped fixtures that come with built-in faucets, towel holders and even electronic LED displays! The Web sink was shown at FuoriSalone2010, and made a splash – pardon the pun. It boasts utterly straight sides and a rounded bottom as a stark contrast to the sink’s sharp, angled upper rim. The cool, elongated exterior is enhanced by its clinical palette of white and chrome. Inside, the sink is extra deep as it is striking. For the ultimate in minimalism, put the Web sink in your ensuite, bathroom or powder room – you’ll enjoy the contemporary aesthetic for years to come. For more information go to Equa System.


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