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This home is made by Australian architect, Dane Richardson in Eagle Bay, West Australia. The living room become main core of the building. Large glazing as a building element, make this home utilize low energy for the lighting and opens the view directly to the valley.

The north facing terrace which built on “fire pit” become the focus of all outside entertaining. The open “fire pit” provides a fantastic place to sit and star gaze in the evening.

minimalist home, luxurious home

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Interior of Russian Hill Apartment Design by Zack/de Vito Architecture

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Zack/de Vito Architecture complete their project to renovate 19th floor modern apartment in San Francisco’s Russian Hill.

Apartment is the best solution from housing problem in the big city like San Fransisco. The availability of the land in big city promote developer to build apartment. And now stay in the apartment is being common for people.

Even though apartment is quite different with personal home, but with proper interior design and arrangement of the furniture will erase that kinds of differences between home and apartment.

Apartment design, modern apartment

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Nursery Room for New Baby Born

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Every new parents want to give the best thing for their baby. Especially for first baby in their family. Special preparation for special moment in their life. This include how to design baby nursery room.

What should be our concern here for designing nursery room are bright color utilizing , simple design, use favorite motif, usually from cartoon character. This nursery room consist of bed for baby, cupboard, locker, and some toys for the baby.

Doimo Cityline has help new parent to create their nursery room in simple ways. Inspired by the lovely bear that allows to design a cool baby nursery room. Mostly furniture is made from wood so it’s safe for your baby.

baby room

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Bedroom Design for Teenager Style

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A bedroom is where we release our stress from daily activity and remove our sleepy in the night. And in the case of a teen, the bedroom may be a place for relaxing after a hard day at school.

teeager style bedroom

Bedroom design for teenager style should accommodate teenager needs. Brighter color and softer color are combined to get more attractive impression. Because they don’t only use their bed room for sleeping but also doing some activities.

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Bedroom Design Tips

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kamar tidur idamanBedroom is the most place people like in the house. In this room we can get calm and quiet ambience and we can take a rest after full days activity. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough area to accommodate the best size for our bedroom.

Actually we have trick to decorate our bedroom looks so roomy and comfort. And be ready we will share our tips for you.

1. Use bright and clear color

colorful bedroom
Bright and clear wall color will reflex better light, so the result of lighting effects will be maximized. There are some colors that we can use beside white, for example: light green or light yellow.
Adjust paint color with wall ornament, choose ornament which have suitable color or brighter color. Cupboard color can be made the same with the wall color to get roomy effect and don’t combine the bedroom with hard color curtains at the window.
Carefully when we will use wallpaper, for safety choices use solid color with little motif.
Whatever the wall color you choose, we recommend white color for the ceiling to get maximal light effect.

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