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Cubed Convertible Sofa Sleeper from Innovation pictures

The Cubed Convertible Sofa Sleeper from Innovation
The Innovation collection of modern sofa sleepers with a futon like operation, are at home in a spare bedroom, living room, or game room. Designer Per Weiss used a angular chrome frame to give the "Cubed" a classically modern and sophisticated look that offers a sofa by day and a generous sleeping surface by night. The Cubed is the latest in a a long line of convertible and multifunctional furniture that looks much more expensive than it is. If you are ever in Houston see the Innovation collection at Danish Inspirations or visit
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Furniture for Small Apartments by Ivydesign

At Furniture Fashion our hat's off to Verena Lang founder of Ivydesign. We hear a lot of requests from readers living in small apartments about the challenge of space planning and furniture. This product from Verena is called "Picture Table". The neat thing about Picture Table is how it can provide a table and even a place for guests to dine on, and then fold-up into a picture on a wall. The picture looks perfectly natural and in no way looks like a table. There is also a mirror version as well if a mirror is preferred over a picture. You can learn more about the product here at Ivydesign.

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Small Room Furniture Concept by Isis Design

For our urban living friends, we often hear the complaints of having very limited space despite a great geographical location. That is why I was excited to see this small room furniture concept created by Isis Design of Germany. It appears as a normal size box that is attractively finished in white. When opened the box becomes a bed and sitting area giving new meaning to the word "stow away bed". Hopefully, this product will be on the market in the near future. Via and the design blog.

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